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Is Any Of This Already Happening?

She's taking longer than usual to reply to you

She's not engaging you in the conversation

She's only sending cold "one-word" replies

She's making excuses not to see you

If This Is Already Happening Then You Don't Have

Much Time Before She Stops Texting You For Good...

triangletop Girl-mistakes1

...Especially If You Have Made Any of these 7 Deadly Mistakes:

1. Texted her "just to talk" without arranging a date

2. Asked needy questions like "how are you?" or "what r u doing?"

3. Sent her boring updates about your day

4. Failed to find a conversation topic that makes her LOL

5. Asked her questions instead of making statements

6. Confessed your feelings for her

7. Asked her if she's "ok" when she doesn't text back

You can turn your situation around...but you need to act fast.


That's why this free course is chock full of step-by-step material instantly designed to:

Know EXACTLY what to say to her in ANY situation

Become the most fun & interesting guy in her phonebook

Make her massively attracted and addicted to texting you

Wipe every other guy texting her out of the picture

Bring out her sexual side & pump her desire to see you

Get her out on a date (or even...straight to your place)

Introducing Rich James...


Hey man, Rich James here.

I used to get rejected, friend-zoned, stood up and told "I never want to see you again" more times than I could count.

Here's the defining text I received two years ago that forced me to take action and fix my dating life once and for all:


Brutal right?

The girl who sent it was literally my dream girl. A drop dead gorgeous gamer girl cutie...and yep, I friggin LOOOOVVVEE asian birds ;)


That brutal text transformed my life. It forced me to break out of everything I thought I knew about dating, push new boundaries and try new things.

Sure it was hard admitting I wasn't great with girls, but I'm a competitive guy and know you can master any skill with practice and dedication.

Flash forward to the present day and now I practically tell girl's they're coming to my place like they have no other option:


The First Secret that Changed Everything

What I came to realise - and what you will come to realise too - is that women make romantic and sexual decisions based on emotion.

You can never convince her to date you in the logical sense. Period.

Here's just how CRAZY this is:

Even if she knows how perfect you are for each other...

Even if the chemistry you have when you're together is amazing...

Even if she genuinely WANTS you to win her...

Her "YES" or "NO" answer depends entirely on how she FEELS in the moment - NOT how she felt previously.

It's crazy but it works just like a light switch *ON* *OFF* *ON* *OFF*.

And one flick of the switch is all it takes to kill her desire to see you again.

But BECAUSE her emotional decision making process works just light a light switch...

It can EASILY be turned back on.

This means even if she's already become cold or unresponsive, one simple text is all it takes to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

In Part 17 of my free course you'll discover the powerful "It's Not Your Fault" technique.

You can use it to craft a text that's specific to her, gets her excitedly texting back and wipes the slate clean, allowing you to follow up with texts that activate her "obsession story".

What's an obsession story?

The Second BIG Secret

From the moment you meet a girl and get her number, you unknowingly kickstart the timeline of a girl's obsession story.

Every girl has an obsession storyline in their head about how they dream of you winning her over...

And when you learn how to follow it, it'll make her want to sleep with you and compulsively fall in love:


Because when you get a girl wondering about you...and spending time thinking about you...then she's *not* thinking about another guy. YOU are the one who's taking up the mental space in her head.

That's the thing. If you want to keep her obsessed with you, you've got to continue to make her wonder about you.

Because as soon as you start acting like all the other guys she's dated before and try to "lock her down" and stop living in the moment, you'll turn the light switch back off.

If you're too predictable. If you show your real intentions too early in the dating process, the obsession storyline that's been playing out in her head gets broken.

Until I discovered this secret, dating always seemed like a minefield to me. One wrong move and I would get completely blown up (and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way).

It turns out that these land-mines are intentionally set by women and I hate to tell you, but they are always going to be there.

That's because every woman's obsession story involves a guy who overcame resistance to get to her, so there's no way around it. You have to know your way through the minefield.

Since finding my way through I've had 2 amazing girlfriends and dozens of booty calls with girls who would've easily slipped away if I'd stuck to my old texting habits.

I know that I would have killed for a solution when I lost my dream girl two years ago...because if I'd known what I know now...I'd have easily turned it all around and got the girl.

But unlike me, you won't have to go through the years of frustration I went through.

Because I can say with 100% certainty that when you activate her obsession story - you WILL get the girl.

The first step is to get her excitedly texting you back...

Click the big yellow button below to unlock my free texting crash course and discover how to get her texting back, out on a date and into your bed:


"First of all, I recently came across your course and I must say I loved it. I realised where I was going wrong when I used to talk to the women that I really liked. I greatly appreciate all the help and am happy to say I've rekindled the excitement we had earlier."

Brad M, New York

"I have experienced the hot to cold change, and that's how I stumbled upon your course. I wanted to quickly send a message of thanks to you because things are back on track with her now and guess who's got a date tonight?!"

Zain, London UK


What's Inside?


Don't Know What to Say?

You know that choked up "what do I say next?" feeling you get when she sends you a text you can't really "work with"? There's a simple thing you can do to respond in a way that'll make you stand out from all the other guys texting her and never get stuck with what to text her again (Parts 9 and 16).


Create Sexual Tension

If you feel like you've lost the spark you had when you first started texting each other and want to turn the heat up without getting friend-zoned the 4 powerful techniques in Parts 4 & 5 will help you spice things up to a level where she's like "I wanna sleep with this guy!!!"


Can't Get a Date?

If she keeps making excuses not to meet you then you probably haven't been cave man enough ;) There's certain ways of asking a girl out that instantly turns them off, but in Parts 8, 16 and 19 you'll learn how to do the exact opposite using dominant language to pitch your date in a way she simply cannot say no to :P


Boyfriend Material / Personality Traits Women Love

Do you know the 6 personality traits girls go crazy for? In Parts 2 & 3 you'll discover the exact traits women strive for when looking for boyfriend material. You'll be like no other guy in her phone book because you'll are create an intimate connection that'll make her obsessed with you and wipe every other guy out of the picture.


Get Her Chasing You

Up until you probably feel like you've been the one doing all the chasing. Don't you think it's about time to flip the switch and get HER chasing YOU? The 8 real life texting case studies examples in Part 5 reveal a secret way to get women fighting for your attention and literally moving mountains to hook up with you.


Reset Her Impression

This is where you get to wipe the slate clean. In Part 17 you'll gain access to my secret weapon. An exclusive text that allows you to reset her impression of you (no matter how cold she's become) and follow up with texts that sweep her off her feet and make her utterly obsessed with you.


But before the index finger on your right hand literally jumps off your mouse from left clicking the big button below I need to make DAMN sure you're not going to use this course for the wrong reasons.

The Rules

I will not use this course to trick a girl into sleeping with me

I will not use this course to steal my best friend's girlfriend

I will not use this course to revenge fvck a girl who ditched me for another guy

If you agree to the rules above then let me personally welcome you to the inside! I can't friggin wait to join your journey in making this girl your loving, loyal, s3x crazed girlfriend!

Just like she's waiting for you to win her over...I'm waiting for you to click that big fat yellow button below RIGHT NOW and join me on the inside!


"Hey Rich thanks for your awesome lessons! She replied to that message from part 17 and we're meeting up for drinks tonight. Thanks man! Keep on keepin' on!"

Jack, San Francisco

triangleoffwhite Girl-waiting

How long will all this take?

I know how much you want to pick up your phone right now and turn it all around with a few crafty texts, but after you go through this course you'll discover that the key to getting her obsessed with you again is slowing the fvck down.

Time is on your side. Since she's already become cold and unresponsive you need to give her space. Disappear for a while and make her wonder about you.

This not only gives you time to prepare for what happens next but it will also magnify the impact you'll make when you do finally get back in touch.

She literally won't know what hit her and will rue the day she ever gave up on you.

So if all that sounds good and you want to get this course whilst it's still free then I urge you to click the big yellow button below and join the 36,000+ texting ninjas who've already used this course to make getting the girl of their dreams a reality!


After she texts back you'll then tap into her "Obsession Story" to get her excited about meeting up with you.

See you on the inside,

Rich James


P.S. When you get the girl, she'll casually mention that you made all the right moves.

P.P.S. After you have success with the course, be sure to email me, because I'd LOVE to hear your success story!

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